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I'm Tracy Lynn, blog writer,  author, motivational speaker, registered and domestic violence advocate. I am also  passionate member of the National Coalition Against Domestic https://ncadv.org. My work has been published in Thrive Global, Women Owned Business  Club Magazine and Womelle Leadership Magazine.  

I started this blog to write about the challenges and blessings of living life as a single woman. I am a contributing author in Chocolate and Diamonds For A Woman's Soul. My upcoming book "The Single Woman's Guide From Pain To Power" will be released soon.

Although the blog is Christian based, there will be something here for everyone. NO matter where you came from or where you are going you will find inspiration here. 

As a travel registered nurse I have traveled extensively across the United States and have worked with and advocated for patients worldwide.  I have had the privilege to work in some of our top Level I Trauma and Teaching Hospitals in the world to include Yale Hospital In New Haven Connecticut. I have met and worked with some of the finest people our country has to offer.

As a  nurse working as a medical and emergency room case manager , I  have worked with domestic violence victims for over 15 years. of my career. My years of advocating for domestic violence victims never prepared me for the day I found myself in an abusive relationship AFTER my divorce and reentering the dating scene. .

Along my singles  journey,  I lost my way, I  had forgotten whose daughter I was.  One day I simply woke up and the game changed.  I remembered I was the daughter of King. I remembered that I  just like many of you, was born into his royal family. I was born free with a duty and obligation to him and myself to live a life free from the shackles and shame of abuse. 

After the tornado of domestic violence ripped through my life, I was faced with only two choices. I could become another domestic violence statistic of staying stuck in an abusive relationship. The other choice was to fight for the survival of my self worth, self esteem and my self dignity and my human rights.  

I chose the one choice that would have the best outcome and the one God would desire for me. . I  made the difficult choice to regain the life of the freedom I was born into. Although, the blog will provide crucial information on issues of domestic violence, it will, most importantly ,serve to assist victims in moving beyond the state of victim hood into their own personal victory. 

This blog is not just for domestic violence victims and survivors, it is for all women who are single or who may be on the verge of becoming single . 

You will find this blog to be a place to find education,  hope,  inspiration, motivation and adventure as you find your own unique path to peace, purpose and happiness. You will find articles, posts and interviews with experts. You will find articles on travel and most importantly, to help you live your life richer and in full color! 

Although this blog will be a platform to bring awareness, and education  about the issue  of domestic violence and narcissist abuse is not meant to substitute the critical and vital role of psychotherapy in the treatment of the trauma and aftermath of abuse.

Education and awareness is only the first step in claiming your victory and freeing yourself from the shackles and shame of abuse. 

Please bookmark the site, sign up for updates as blog posts are submitted .I look forward to having you along as a part on the journey. I'm ready for adventure, what about you?

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