The Courage To Love Again

The Courage To Love Again

Learning to love again after multiple heartbreaks takes courage. It takes the kind of courage that great novels are written about. We all go through life’s heartbreaks in relationships and in our pursuits of them.

Heartbreak is still heartbreak, whether they spring from rejection, betrayal, unrequited love, divorce or death of a loved one. Pain IS pain, and it all hurts the same.

It is that pain that leaves us with a sense of profound loss. It is a loss that can, at times, be all consuming. Each time you go through the painful experience of heartbreak, you feel as if a part of you dies inside. You can’t even begin to fathom ever loving again because you are to busy wondering if the pain you feel now, will ever go away.

Every thing you see, hear, taste and feel, reminds you of your ex. You fixate on the love you thought was yours forever. You play in your mind, how could it have gone so horribly wrong.

The emotions of a heartbreak comes in waves. One day, you say to yourself, ” I’m doing great”  and the next it feels as if you are trying to breathe without oxygen. The struggle is definitely real…

Having to overcome this pain, isn’t easy, but overcome you will. One day the pain you feel, will be a distance memory. In time, the heart will repair itself again.

What you decide to do at that point, will be up to you. Some will decide that getting back in “the game” is to much and just give up all together. Some will decide that love is worth fighting for,  and fight,  you must.

It is in that pivotal moment that you will begin to fight one of the toughest fights of them all. Learning to love again will not come easy and it won’t come cheap.

Not only have you fought your way through the healing process after heartbreak, now comes the really hard work of learning to love again.

It isn’t easy trusting someone again with your heart after it’s been shattered. Not only do you have to learn to trust someone else, but you have to learn trust yourself again.

You have to trust in “YOU’ again. Trust that you will make the right choice and if you don’t, you will still be okay. The next big thing, and perhaps the biggest challenge is to learn to be completely be vulnerable to someone else again.

Learning to love again is definitely not for the faint at heart. It takes guts not to give up. It takes an enormous amount of strength and courage not to succumb to the bitterness and skepticism that comes from bad dating experiences, unrequited love or the loss of a loved one.

It takes strength and courage to move beyond your vulnerability to take a chance on loving someone again after heartbreak. It is easy to give up. Only those willing to fight for love will ever have a chance at achieving it.

The raw and real reality is that is order to ever have a chance at real love one must walk boldly toward love.  Real and lasting love isn’t for the faith at heart.

Love is for those who are willing to make themselves vulnerable to it and STILL walk courageously towards it.

It is important to realize that everything you want IS on the other side of that vulnerability. You simply must push beyond your fear to receive the love you desire. So many try to find love without making themselves vulnerable because they are afraid of getting hurt.

The truth is, you can never find true love until you make yourself vulnerable to it. Making yourself vulnerable to someone else will be the price you will have to pay for admission to learn to love again. If you can’t make yourself vulnerable to the thought of getting hurt, you simply are not yet ready to love again.

Learning to love again after heartbreak will only come to those who are strong enough to make themselves vulnerable to the possibilities and the beauty of love. One must learn to walk boldly towards love in the face of fear AND uncertainty.  That is what the courage to love really looks like.

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