The Enemy From Within( When Friends Sabotage Your Success)

The Enemy From Within( When Friends Sabotage Your Success)

Everyone has their own definition of greatness. Whether it is to be the best wife, single mother, or getting the courage to leave an abusive relationship, striving to lose weight, getting a better education, working toward a promotion, or becoming the next CEO, success will come at a cost. When one works towards success there will be those who secretly will not be happy about your success. Jealousy and envy will be the motive and you will be the target.

Their mission will be to sabotage your success because it’s much easier to tear you down than to build themselves up. Those so-called “friends” will eventually expose themselves because everything done in darkness will eventually see light. That lack of genuine love and real encouragement most often, speaks more about their character than it does about yours.

Be mindful of your circle of “friends” and promote or demote accordingly.

Not everybody on your team is cheering for you AND not everyone on your team is meant to rise to the next level with you. Believe in you and your vision, never take your eye off of the prize. They have their journey and you have yours. Although your circle of friends may get smaller in pursuit of success, your vision will become larger.

The fusion of your vision and your passion will be the fire that ignites AND lights your path for the journey ahead. Don’t worry about the darkness you left behind and the friends you thought had your back. God is trying to lead you out of darkness and into light. He will put the RIGHT people in your life at the RIGHT time and the RIGHT circle for your journey. It is not about the size of your circle it’s about the positive energy and genuine love inside of it. Make peace with your process as you embrace your journey and your success. It’s all a part of the master plan for success in your life. Share your experiences below in the comment section. I would love to hear what you think.

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