Sexy Single Dads & Dating (A Father’s Day Tribute)

Sexy Single Dads & Dating (A Father’s Day Tribute)

As we celebrate Father’s Day, we honor those dads who are doing an extraordinary job rearing their children everyday. There are many single dads doing an amazing job rearing their children to be happy and healthy. For all of our dedicated dads we say, “Thank You” for setting a shinning example for your children and the rest of the world in what it means to “Man Up”… Today is all about you, Happy Father’s Day!

For all of my single ladies who are single and looking for love is on your “To Do” list, have I got good news for you. If single dads aren’t on your radar, you are missing out on a really great catch. There are many great reasons to date a single dad. If you are at a crossroad and are trying to decide if dating a single dad is right for you, then look no further.  There are many reasons single dads are so…WELL, so darn sexy!

Although dating a single dad, comes with challenges, the benefits far outweigh the challenges you’ll have to consider if he is the right guy. It’s important to remember that his children will be his first priority; However, this does not mean that  the “right” single dad can not make you feel wanted, needed and very much loved. If he loves you, he’ll find a way to do just that. His heart is strong enough and big enough to handle the challenge.  That IS what is so great about a sexy single dad. He will see you as worthy enough to go that extra mile to make sure you know how much you are loved even in the midst of the juggling act. That takes strength of character and he is willing to showcase that for you.  Now that’s good stuff!   Below are 8 fantastic things that Smart and Savvy single women know about single dad dating.

  1. He will provide you with the proof you need.

Nothing provides a more telling look into what kind of man your potential Prince Charming will be, than to look at what kind of father he is. If he is kind and loving to his children, you can expect that behavior to be apart of his personality. That’s great news for you and your potential relationship. If he is constantly and consistently impatient with his children, you can expect the same with you. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding IS the interaction that you witness between him and his children.

 2. He is more comfortable showing his sensitive side.

This is especially true if he has a daughter. He won’t shy away  when you have an occasional emotional meltdown. When you are done with your meltdown and exposing your emotional vulnerabilities, he will simply take you in his arms and hold you because he knows that is exactly what you need.

 3.  He is a great listener.

He’s heard it all before. He has endured countless hours of listening to his children’s real life issues. Whether it’s his son not making the team, to his daughter’s boyfriend issues or girlfriend drama, he’s got it covered. He has had lots of practice being a patient and compassionate listener. Those skills will come in handy when you need his strong steady shoulder to cry on.

4. He is not afraid to show affection.

Whether it’s kissing his kids boo-boos after a playground accident or giving his daughter a hug after her first heart break, he is not afraid to show how much he cares with his touch. Now that’s pretty powerful stuff. Who doesn’t want or need more affection in their life?5. He is much more responsible.

Being a single dad is a lot of responsibility, financially mentally, physically, and emotionally. Single dads take their responsibility very seriously and they are less likely to be irresponsible when it comes to you, your feelings and the relationship he is building with you

6. He is looking beyond, “Ms. Right Now.”

Because a single dad has his children to think of, as well a their future, he is less likely likely looking for a hook-up. He will be want to take his time to really get to know you.  He will be more interested in looking at you to see how well you fit into his life and the lives of his children. If he is dating you steadily, you can just about bet, he’s “playing for keeps”. If you are looking for serious commitment with someone who wants to to take his time and get it right….he’s your guy

7. He sets the standard.

He is the first man his daughter falls in love with. Teaching her how other men should love and respect her. He is the first example for what his son sees in how to be a man. Plainly stated, the right father sets the tone on what it really means to be a man. All you have to do is set back and observe the lessons he teaches his son on how he should treat a woman and how he lives that out.   Now, you tell me, what woman doesn’t want to sign up for THAT?

8. He’s HOT

To see a single dad come home after a hard long day at work, cook dinner for his children, get them ready for bed and read them a bed time story AND give them hugs and kisses good night is just HOT! When he saves some of those kisses just for you. NOW we’re talking ULTRA HEAT!




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