Relax, Refresh and Recharge ( Relieving Post Election Stress)

Relax, Refresh and Recharge ( Relieving Post Election Stress)

Are you doggone tired after this presidential election cycle? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed and overly exposed?  After such a bitter and brutal presidential election, many Americans struggle with the question of how to move forward to a place of healing and peace. It is critical to come to the realization that life must go on. It doesn’t matter if your candidate won or loss, we all have to get on with the business of moving on beyond this point in our lives.

This election has revealed many things about the world in which we live. Many of those things have caused a considerable amount of stress and anxiety for most of us. It is important to remember that just because most of us have probably experienced some form of stress from this election, each one of has experienced it differently. Below are five tips to help relieve the post election stress in your life.


Realize that your feelings are valid and find a way to express them. Whether your candidate won or loss, what you feel IS what you feel. This is particularly important if you experienced a sense of loss.

Find a way to express those feelings with a trusted friend or write down those feelings in a journal or a written letter to yourself. Getting your feeling down on paper can help crystallize your feelings and give a certain validity to what you experienced.


A self care contract is a written agreement that you make with yourself to honor you by taking care of YOU. It does not have to be anything extensive, BUT is does have to be written or typed. The very act of you taking the time out to write the contract and the very act of you reading it reminds you of how important you are. It furthermore, reminds you of how important  it is to take care of yourself. I have recommended this to patients as well as using it is my own life with great success.  A simple contract would state as following that I “insert your name” agree to honor myself doing the things that make me feel happy, healthy and whole.

In your contract, include that you agree to do at least one specific thing for yourself at least once a week, preferably more if you have the time. You can include more than one thing, but you must choose at least one thing. Whatever it is that makes you feel good.

Whatever that is, it may include taking a bubble bath, taking a relaxing walk, etc…You must spell it out in your agreement, exactly what you will do for yourself to honor YOU. Make an appointment with yourself and do not deviate from doing that one thing that makes you feel good. Put it on your calender so that you will not forget. Place your contract on your refrigerator or some other prominent place to remind yourself of the promise you made to yourself.


Feeding your soul is all about nurturing the core of who you and recognizing a power greater than yourself. Nurturing your soul can take different forms such as prayer and meditation. Prayer is a source of healing that allows you to not only express your frustration but also allows you to submit to a more powerful source of strength. Prayer allows that source of strength to flow through you and light your path along life’s difficult journey.

If you don’t have an active prayer life, meditation can be helpful in getting you to a place of calm. Meditation can to block out the outside noise, and allow you to feel safe and grounded.


Feeding your body a healthy dose of food, exercise and sleep is essential for an overall feeling of well being. I know you have heard that more times than you care to remember; However, as a healthcare professional, I am very passionate about helping people feel and be the very best. Proper diet, rest and exercise are all important to live a well balanced state of existence.

Try and include some sort of physical exercise into your daily life. You don’t have to run a marathon or kill yourself on the treadmill. It can be as simple as taking a consistent walk each day or at least three times a week. By incorporating physical activities into your routine, your body released chemical endorphins. These endorphins react interact with receptors in your brain and will make you feel somewhat of a natural high.  This is none as a “runner’s high”. This feeling will create an overall  increased positive outlook and greater feeling of well being.

Plain and simple, it will just make you feel GOOD…

Make sure that you are making healthy choices in your diet. Take care NOT to binge eat on foods that are not healthy. It’s okay to have occasional unhealthy foods that we just want to indulge. I am talking about the REPEATED eating of those foods that we know are not good for us. Eating foods that are good for us, sends a signal to our brain that we are OKAY. So make sure to include mostly healthy foods in your diet to feel the best that you can.

Make sure that you make getting plenty of sleep a priority. Without the right amount of sleep, every ounce of stress and frustration will be magnified. Not getting enough sleep puts you at risk for becoming more easily agitated and blowing your cool more easily. Getting the right amount of sleep for you not only energizes your body but it energizes your mind.


It’s important to feed your mind with positive fuel. Take some time each day to read positive quotes, inspirational writings and stories. Reading stories of inspiration and triumph can provide you a sense of hope. Positive stories can also restore and reinforce your sense of belief in the impossible.

These tips are only a guide to help you on your way to healing the stress and anxiety of the post election blues. If you find that you are experiencing prolonged sleeplessness, loss of appetite, depression, increased anxiety or aggression, please seek the help of a licensed mental health professional.

Above of all, remember, life goes on and so will you. Don’t forget to like and share any of our articles that you enjoy. It’s only fair to share!

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