Not Your Mama’s Valentine( Enjoying A Singles Valentine’s Day)

Not Your Mama’s Valentine( Enjoying A Singles Valentine’s Day)

Are you experiencing a little Valentine’s Day anxiety? According to the 2014  Bureau of Labor Statistics 124.6 million Americans, 16 years and older in the United States are single. That is a whopping 50.2% compared to 37.4 % in 1976. With that drastic increase, there is a good chance that you may be spending this Valentine’s Day without a romantic partner. The fact that you aren’t coupled up, has absolutely no correlation to your worth as an individual or your attractiveness to a potential partner.

It just simply means you haven’t found anyone with whom you feel compatible, wants the same thing you want at the same time, is worth the investment of your time (right now) or you are just taking a sabbatical from dating and you are SO okay with that.  Either way, there’s absolutely no reason you should be held up in your house, feeling depressed or ashamed to celebrate the fact that you love yourself enough to know your worth. You are confident enough NOT to settle for an unhealthy or unsatisfying relationship. You are NOT okay with just having any warm body next to you just because everybody else thinks you should.

Gone are the days are single spinsters that have nothing else better to do that feel alone and sorry for themselves. This Aint’s Your Mama’s Valentines Day….So relax and get to celebrating!

Below you will find some really great tips on making the best of a single’s Valentine’s Day that most would clamor over. Be the envy of all of your friends this Valentine’s Day with these flirty and fun ways to celebrate the life you have.


  1. Make An Appointment to Pamper Yourself. Make an appointment at your favorite local day spa for a day of pampering.  Even though Valentine’s Day may be during the week this year, you can still do this. Make an appointment for some time during this week even if it is on the weekend following Valentine’s Day
  2. Buy Yourself REALLY Something Special. Just because you aren’t coupled up, doesn’ mean you don’t deserve something really special this Valentine’s Day. Purchase something just for you that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself. Purchase a heart necklace,  earrings or bracelet that celebrates the love and respect you have for yourself. Go ahead and buy yourself that diamond teardrop necklace or cubic zirconia .  Whatever your budget allows. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be something you think is special AND that you love.  When you do meet Mr. Right, he will know exactly what he has to step up to in order to win your heart. He will know that you already love yourself, so he will need to SHOW you he loves you just as much should he want to keep you around.
  3. Be Bold And Do Something Totally Uncharacteristic of  You. In the beginning,  doing something unlike you and out of your comfort zone may make you feel  a little terrified. Try a new exotic restaurant,  invite one of  your friends or several of your single girlfriends or male friends.  No one available? Make a reservation for one.  You could even sign up for a new belly dance class.  Yes, it’s scary, but I promise you, you’ll get through it.  Once you overcome that fear and just stretch your imagination, you will feel empowered. With a feeling of empowerment comes a feeling of accomplishment. Now how’s that for a great Valentine’s Day Gift?
  4.  Ban All Negative Self-Speech Today-  Yes, that’s right say to yourself now, “Not Today Satan”- Yes, that’s right. Don’t let the devil tempt you into negative self-talk today. He will try..resist him.  Make yourself a promise to ban all negative self-speech today and resist the urge to compare yourself to your married friends, coupled friends or strangers that you meet today out that happened to be couples.  That is their journey and you have yours. It’s isn’t your time yet. God is preparing you to love yourself, just as he is preparing your King to one day love you. So be patient with yourself. Learning to love the life you have IS part of your process, embrace it.
  5. Do Something Loving For Someone Else Today. Go to your local dollar tree store and purchase a box of cards or single roses. Deliver them to some residents at your local nursing home or battered woman’s shelter. Doing something for someone else and getting outside of your own head,  works wonders. Focusing on other people pain, loneliness and suffering, many times put our own lives in perspective and makes us realize that we don’t have it quite as bad as we think we do.
  6. Girl’s Gift Secret Gift Exchange.  Round up your girlfriends and pick names from a hat. Buy each other  Valentine’s Day goodies, just to show each other how much you appreciate them being in your life. You could make it girl’s nigh t and have a potluck dinner party at someone home and play some of your favorite tunes. You could also make it a girl’s night out at  a favorite restaurant or dance club.
  7. Party Like A Rock Star. Throw together a last minute Anti Cupid party at your house. Everyone can bring a dish or you can order out. To make it a blast, you can add a theme to your celebration to poke fun at the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. “Cupid Is Stupid” . Anti-Valentine’s Day parties are fun and can as crazy as you want it to be. Guests can all comes dressed in black as though they are in mourning. Have guests go to the local thrift store on a treasure hunt to find the perfect love gag gift to exchange at the party.  Just let your imagination be your guide and have fun!
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