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Queen Adventure’s Signature Ladies Night


I’m Tracy Lynn, CEO/Creator of Queen Adventures. Our signature Ladies Night features FREE  live telephone interviews with industry experts, women power players and inspiring stories for and about women. Our interviews are designed to explore hot topics our women want to know about. You may call in anonymously to listen as I interview a featured guest from the cozy comforts of your own couch. Wine and cheese is optional. It’s your couch and your Ladies Night. Our featured guest health and wellness coach Yenory “Nory” Pouncil.


     Wednesday, January 17, 2018
7:00- 8:00 PM (CST)

Featured Guest: Health & Wellness Coach Yenory “Nory” Pouncil
Topic: Healthy Is The New Sexy


Yenory “Nory”Pouncil is a health & wellness coach out of the Washington DC area .She is also a former ballet dancer who has danced with the American Ballet Company.  Not only does this beautiful woman looks like our lovely former first lady Michelle Obama, but she is also passionate about women’s  health and wellness.  She now teaches and inspires other woman to appreciate and love what they see in the mirror.

She specializes in teaching women how to live healthy without feeling overwhelmed and deprived. She coaches them on things such as meal prep, how to control emotional eating, preparing delicious meals without breaking your bank or your already overfilled schedule.

After gaining weight and feeling like she let her down. She spent countless hours in the gym thinking that she would love her again, lose weight and everything would just work out. It didn’t happen and she became tired and frustrated.

She learned that even though she endured countless hours of exercising, exercising didn’t exactly translate to being healthy or losing weight.  She had to learn how to regain control over her health and wellness to regain the love for the woman she saw in the mirror. She now empowers other women to do the same.

She will share with us how we can make simple changes in our diet that make big difference in losing those unwanted pounds this New Year. It doesn’t matter where you are in your health and fitness journey. Nory’s tips can help inspire you to make the changes you need to get where you want to go.

If you are tired of being frustrated with your results, this interview is for you. If you think you don’t have enough time or money to life a healthier lifestyle, this interview is for you . If you want to lose weight this New Year and you have no idea where to start, this interview is for you.

If you want to get your sexy back, find your sexy for the first time or you don’t even know what sexy is… This interview is for you.



In This Interview We’ll Explore:  

    How to deal with the challenges and frustrations of living a healthy lifestyle  

How to exercise when you dealing with pain issues such as aging or arthritis 

  Small changes in your diet that make a HUGE impact of your health and fitness goals

  The secret to not feeling deprived and destroying your diet goals

 The secret to not feeling so hungry when you are changing your diet

How to deal with emotional eating 




This is a FREE telephone event but you must register to participate in the call. Due to technical limitations spots are limited. So register early and call in early to make sure that you able to get in on the call. After the interview callers may ask Nory questions about their own personal health and wellness journey. So what are you waiting for? Register FREE now to get your burning questions answered. It’s never to late to get your sexy back!


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