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                                                         Have You Ever Been Around Toxic People, Been In Toxic Relationships Or Experienced Toxic Events In Your Life?       JOIN US FOR…

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Have You Ever Been Around Toxic People, Been In Toxic Relationships Or Experienced Toxic Events In Your Life?







I’m Tracy Lynn, CEO/Creator of Queen Adventures. Our signature Ladies Night features FREE  live telephone interviews with industry experts, women power players and inspiring stories for and about women. Our interviews are designed to explore hot topics our women want to know about. You may call in anonymously to listen as I interview a featured guest from the cozy comforts of your own couch. Wine and cheese is optional. It’s your couch and your Ladies Night. This week’s featured guest is none other than Author Nina Norstrom.


Wednesday October 4, 2017

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (CST)
Author:  Nina Norstrom
Topic: It’s Trash Day: Dealing With Toxic People & Toxic Events In Our Lives


From” Mistress To Mentor”, author Nina Norstrom’s journey of toxicity offers us a glimpse of the effects that toxic circumstances and toxic people have on her lives. Whether it be alcohol,  drugs, disease, relationships, emotions or the battlefields inside our own minds, toxic situations and toxic people have REAL consequences.

Nina is the author of “Not A Blueprint, It’s The Shoe Prints That Matter.”  Her journey with toxicity started early in her life.  From witnessing her father beat her mother with a belt,  finding her way into toxic relationship with toxic men, having an affair with a married man, to encountering enormous losses.

Nina knows toxicity.

Life is a series of exciting, challenging and sometimes complicated lessons. Her story is RAW and REAL. She projects a powerful voice that speaks to the footprints that toxicity leaves behind in our lives, the struggles, and the lessons.  Her path highlights the significance of the journey, the footprints as well as the destination.



During our Ladies Night Chat We’ll Explore:  

The Effects of Grief, Pain, and Trauma In Our Lives    


The Real Cost of Toxicity In Our Lives


The Role Of Forgiveness


Learning To Forgive Yourself


How To Reduce Or Escape Toxic Situations and Toxic People



After the interview, the call will be opened up for questions. Callers may anonymously ask Nina questions about her journey. Not sure you’ll be able to make this time or date, NO problem. The call will be recorded and the link will be shared with participants who had every intention of calling in but couldn’t make it.  So  you can still hear the interview at a later date, so go ahead and register to secure your place.


See below to register for the call and to claim your spot.



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