Breathe The Dream (Creating The Life You Deserve)

Breathe The Dream (Creating The Life You Deserve)

When you go to bed at night what do you dream? Do you dream of limitless possibilities for your future or are you waiting for someone to fix your loneliness and your life? Are you a beautiful force to be reckoned with or a pile of uncertainty and insecurity that may never cross your bridge of boundless opportunity.

The thing that I love most about my life is the freedom to just breathe and soak in the endless possibilities of where my journey may lead.  Once I learned how to just let go of the need to control the events of my life and my future something magical happened inside.

I began to think differently. I began to live and dream differently.  I began to breathe as if it was the first breath I had ever taken.

The beautiful uncertainty of each day brings me new opportunity, new life experiences and a new chapter in my life that has yet to unfold.  The wonderment lies in the fact that I get to make it exactly  what I want it be.

There’s power in knowing you hold your future in your hands, simply by reshaping your perception and your dream.

I used to be afraid  of what my future held because I was so focused on finding someone or something to distract me from my reality.  I couldn’t embrace the very process that was designed to make me whole again.  I couldn’t embrace my dream.

It wasn’t until I learned to slow down and listen to my own voice that I finally  stopped running and finally learned to breathe again. I finally learned to dream again. The only person  responsible for creating those dreams is the woman I see each morning in the mirror.

She is the woman who is responsible for making my life amazing by the choices I make to enhance it.  Nothing or no one else outside of her will truly make me a happy or whole.

She alone is responsible for the choice to take advantage of every opportunity I have to learn to be better, strive to be better.  Most importantly,  to only settle for those things and people in my life that support me and sustain me mentally, physically and spiritually.

The woman in the mirror is the only one responsible for having the courage to say no to the things and people that I know in my heart are not meant for me.  She is the only person who knows who I am, what makes me a happy, and that I don’t need anyone else’s permission to be happy.

She is the only one that can give me the permission to dream and create the life I deserve instead of worrying about or focusing on what I don’t have or what other people think I should have.

I must admit that where I am, isn’t where I’ve always been. It wasn’t until I took my life back and my power back by shutting out the chaos in my life that I was finally able to hear my own voice of what I really wanted and needed in my life.

It wasn’t until I got naked with my own truth that I was able to heal and fix the broken pieces of me that only I could fix. We can never fix an internal wound with an external solution, it just doesn’t work that way.

Another relationship will not fix the issues that resulted from our last relationship or the lonely broken part of ourselves. It is only when I met the woman in the mirror that I finally realized the potential of my purpose, my dream and my life.

Have you met the woman in the mirror? Do you look at your life and focus on all that you don’t have or why you can’t create or do something, seek your own adventure, pave your own way?

Or are you still waiting for someone or something to take you by the hand and create your beautiful life?  Life won’t wait until we find the right person, the right time or the right circumstances to create your dream.

That dream will simply slip away and go to the next person who believes in themselves enough to seize the opportunity while we continue waiting instead of creating.

When you breathe your dream, you fill yourself up with limitless possibility and the confidence to be and to do whatever you set your mind out to do. You are only limited by the dream you dream and the power you give away to others to tell you that you can’t achieve it.

The moment you stop waiting for someone else to create your beautiful life is the moment you start to see the beauty you already have within you. It is only in your inner beauty that you will discover the power to create and  truly celebrate the life you deserve.






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