From Heartbreak To Hope ( An Easter Tribute)

From Heartbreak To Hope  ( An Easter Tribute)

Millions of Christians around the world will gather this Easter to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus.   For many, including myself, Jesus’s death and resurrection embodies the death of the ties that bind us. The emotional ties that keep us entangled in bondage.  The bondage of  past mistakes, loneliness, pain, fear, abuse and of not always being kind to ourselves.

I know that many of my readers have different belief systems or maybe none at all, whether you are a believer or not, the parallel principles around the story around Jesus’s death and resurrection carries a powerful message that can be applied to believers and non-believers alike.

As I travel around the country, I hear the frustrations of hundreds of single women from one coast to the other. The faces may look different, but the stories are all basically the same. I hear the frustrations, the challenges and the heartbreaks we all have faced.   Many single women have lost hope. Many have loss hope in ever finding contentment , peace, happiness and love in their lives. As a single woman, I have felt those same things at times.  I am not a distance outside observers of the subjects of which I write.  I have painfully lived them.

If you only get one thing from this post, please understand…


If the heartbreaks and the mistakes of your past keeps you in shackles and from living a life of peace and happiness, there is hope. No matter how dark your days become, the light in your life will shine again. Don’t lose hope in a brighter day for you and in humanity. Just when you think there is nothing good left in the world, simply look around you. There is good everywhere, you just have to open up your heart to feel it.

Never lose faith, never lose hope. They are the keys to how you view the world and even how you view yourself.  They are your life blood.

For Jesus’s followers his death and resurrection represented not only an unshakeable faith but it awakened  them to a sense of unwavering hope. The miraculous witnessing of Jesus’s crucifixion and awakening , not only solidified their faith in his return but it gave them hope.  They had hope for better days ahead not only for themselves,  but for all of humanity.

In their deepest despair and their darkest hour, the light once again began to shine.   It is that same mystery and wonder of faith and hope that centuries later, many Christians like myself still embrace. My faith has always been the anchor that has steadied me in the storm. I have questioned many things in my life, but never my faith.

We have all suffered heartbreak at some point in our lives. I could write stories about heart break in my life. Hey, wait a minute. I am writing.Sorry, I just lost my focus.  Excuse me while I get back to the point.

As I was about to say before I rudely interrupted myself, I have had to learn some very painful lessons.  Those lessons humbled me and awakened me to trust my life’s journey.  I don’t know about you, but many times, I have tried to force certain things in my life to happen. Whether it was broken promises,  broken relationships, or  the never ending dating treadmill  full of emotionally unavailable men,  I had to learn forced living rarely leads to long term fulfillment.

I had to learn that my life was meant to unfold naturally.  Most importantly, I had to learn that EVERYTHING I go through is apart of God’s bigger plan for my life. Once I changed my perspective about my life, I completely changed my life. No matter what you’ve done in your past, today is another day and another opportunity to step into and embrace your future.

Whether you are of the Christian faith, another faith family or some other belief system, trust in your process.  Trust that there is purpose in your pain and that there can be hope despite your heart break. For every heartbreak that you have endured, there is a story of  hope and inspiration for others, through you.

If the heartbreaks, mistakes and burdens of your past are keeping you from living a life of fulfillment today, don’t you think it’s time to live the life you want to live and were born to live? Aren’t you worth it?  If the answer to that million dollar question is yes, stay tuned as I will give you the first and most crucial step to begin that journey below.

So be patient, I saved the best for last.

With faith and hope in the greater good that is working on your behalf , there is nothing in your past that has the power to bind you to a lifetime of regret and sorrow.  You, my Queen have the power to grow from the heartbreak of your past to the hope in your future.  Learning to forgive yourself is the first step in moving from heartbreak to hope, no matter where you are in life now, what you have done or where you have been.

Making the decision to take one HUGE step by looking into the mirror and repeating three of the most difficult words you will ever say…” I forgive me,”  will literally set you free. It will no doubt be one of the hardest things you will ever do,  at the same time the most freeing.

It was definitely a defining, life changing moment for me. A moment, I will never forget and neither will you.

Taking the bold first step to forgive yourself  will set you on your way to leaving your past where it belongs one freeing step at time.  I know all of this is not anything you haven’t heard at least a million times before, BUT this is such an important message that somebody out there needed to hear it one more time. Someone needed hope for Easter.

An awakened woman IS an unstoppable hopeful woman.

Peace my Queens as you journey toward your very own personal awakening. You are more than worthy of every freeing  step you take……


Please let me know what’s on your mind this Easter in the comment section





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