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  Welcome Your Royal Highness, Welcome to your royal domain, I’m glad to see you here! My name is Tracy Lynn.  As a travel nurse and free…

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Welcome Your Royal Highness,

Welcome to your royal domain, I’m glad to see you here! My name is Tracy Lynn.  As a travel nurse and free lance writer, I travel all over our great country.   I am also the CEO and founder of Queen Adventures a blog dedicated to inspire and empower single women to live the lives they love. Queen Adventures is also home to www.myqueenjewels.com. There you will find our Chloe & Isabel boutique where jewels fit for a Queen can be found.

Interested in hosting your own private girl’s night in Jewelry party? Feel free to contact me for more details on unique jewelry or for assisting in your search for an inspiring and motivational speaker.

I promote health, wellness and the pursuit of the greatest good in our personal and professional lives. I am blessed to travel all over our great country and gain a wealth of life experiences as I meet and greet a very diverse group of people from all over the world. 

Because we live in a global society I am fortunate to network with  my followers and friends from beyond the borders of the United States.

I write about my personal life experiences, observations and collections from late night conversations in far away places.  I am also a motivational speaker who utilizes her passion and her voice to inspire and empower others to “DARE” to live the lives they also truly love; Furthermore,  and most importantly, not to be afraid to invest in the one person who stands to lose the most…THEMSELVES.

 You see, the greatest gift we can give, is the love we give to ourselves. Loving one’s self isn’t selfish, it is a necessary foundation to love and serve others.

 The relationship we have with others is a direct reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.  You can NEVER be in a position to love anyone else until you know what it means to love yourself. 

It is only when you start to fully love and accept yourself that you can fully love and accept others for the unique individuals are.

What we think about ourselves  and how we feel about ourselves affects everything we do. It affects our thoughts, our conversations, our behaviors, our health. and over all sense of well being.  Having the privilege of caring for hospice patients during my career as a nurse, has given me a life perspective that many don’t get a glimpse until it’s to late.

The many lessons my patients have taught me have nothing to do with dying;  In fact, my dying patients didn’t teach me how to die, they taught me how to live…

This blog is a culmination of a long process of self-discovery,  and a multitude of life experiences, both good and bad.  My passion and my purpose to share some of what I have learned along the way.

It is my hope to provide some insight from not only a  professional healthcare aspect but from living my life as a divorced single mother, meeting and interviewing hundreds of singles and people from all over our great country and over the world. I quickly learned that their stories may have been packaged differently, but the many challenges we all faced were pretty much the same.


While being on contract in South West Virginia,  I started a group called Singles 2 Mingle in Roanoke Virginia.  Singles 2 Mingle was a singles networking and social group,  whose mission was to enhance the lives of singles through social networking, self-empowerment, and community service.  Although, we came from many different walks of life, we shared one common bond of living our lives to the fullest. That we did……


The single life is exciting, complicated, and  downright challenging at times in today’s world. I hope that I am able to provide some insight , as we all enjoy living our lives out loud. My message isn’t necessary about celebrating ” singlehood” or the fact that you are single,  but it is about celebrating the right to take your time  make the best and the healthiest choices for yourself. It’s about living your life and letting your life unfold naturally, the way it’s meant to be. It’s about LIVING…



                                                                                              Life Is About Taking Risks



                                                                               Life is About Adventure



                                                                     Life Is About Being Free To Be You



                                                                       Life Is About Learning To DANCE Through The Storm

                                                                         I’m on board for the adventure, are you with me?


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